Refund and Cancellation for Service Provider Company
Due to service providers in nature “NO REFUND”,“NO CANCELLATION” will be entertained once the Payment has been made.

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

  1. Parking billed as per type of vehicle and the number of hours parked in site and hourly rates of the parking site using .
  2. All parking prices on Parking Mantra Assistant Mobile app are set directly by the parking owner, not Parking Mantra. 
  3. In case of any dispute between the Parking Mantra customer/user and the Parking owner / intender / caretaker, regarding the unavailability of the parking space (even after the confirmation of the reservation of the parking space), or any other issue, Parking Mantra customer care must be contacted to resolve the disputes: For any other reason of dispute, legal procedures will be followed.
  4. Parking payments via Parking Mantra’s Assistant Mobile App is not refundable for any reason.
  5. Any Transaction paying via UPI has deducted amount and transaction unsuccessful, Amount will refunded in 7 working days.
  6. Parking Mantra guarantees all UPI payments using Parking Mantra Assistant app, will be settled in the form of electronic bank transfer and will be processed in no more than 2 business days.



Seller assumes sole responsibility for filing and paying all relevant state and local taxes, except income taxes, on transactions originated by Parking Mantra, and shall include any applicable taxes in the Base Price set by Seller in the Seller Console. Parking Mantra shall have no obligation to collect or remit any tax amounts. Seller shall indemnify Parking Mantra and hold Parking Mantra harmless from and against all state and local taxes, except income/service taxes, imposed on Parking Mantra that relate to transactions originated by Parking Mantra.
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